Frequently Asked Questions

When are you releasing your next development and how can I be informed?

To stay up-to-date on new projects and releases, stay tuned to our website, follow us on social media or sign up to our newsletter.

How experienced is Pinevest Homes? How many homes have you built?

Pinevest Homes has been building high-quality homes for 13 years and has built over 250 homes.

What style of home does Pinevest specialize in?

We have built a wide range of homes from craftsman cottage to modern bungalow. With a designer in-house and an experienced onsite building team, Pinevest Homes is uniquely positioned to create and build truly unique homes in a wide variety of styles.

How involved can I be in the design and building process?

Levels of involvement and customization range per project. Pinevest has offered fully customizable homes (Glen Morris Country Estates) and others that were semi-custom (Riverview Highlands). The degree of customization is always outlined in the project details and in your purchase agreement. Regardless of the level of customization, Pinevest Homes offers a wide range of standard features that offer a level of personlization in every build, making each home unique.

What is the typical timeline of a Pinevest Homes build?

Timelines vary based on each project. There are many factors that affect timelines: scope of project (number of homes being built), level of customization, size of build (square footage) and industry and environmental conditions. Timelines are outlined in each purchase agreement.

What warranties are provided with a Pinevest home?

Every Pinevest Homes build is provided with New Home Warranty Protection via Tarion. For more information including coverage and guidelines, we invite you to visit the Tarion website.

Will I receive a final home inspection and walk through once the build is complete?

A final walk-through is included in your purchase agreement. Roughly 48 hours prior to closing, Pinevest Homes and our home buyers attend a Pre-Delivery Inspection (“PDI”) During this inspection, Pinevest and the home buyer walk through the home to view the finished project and to provide instruction on features (how to work the thermostat, turn on shower, etc.)

I see the term ‘local builder’ all over the place! Is Pinevest Homes truly local?

Yes! Our office is located in the heart of Brant County in downtown Paris, Ontario and we have been building homes in Brant County and Brantford for 13 years.

Does Pinevest Homes give back to the community?

Being a local business, supporting community-based initiatives has been an essential part of our mission. Read about how we give back to our community by visiting our About page.

Do you have an office I can visit in-person?

Pinevest Homes administrative office is located at 1 Grand River Street North, Paris ON, N3L 2L9. We do accept walk-in visits, however we highly encourage you to contact us first at: 519-442-1786.

What is the best way to contact you?

We invite you to use whichever method works for you! You can reach us by phone or email or connect with us on Facebook or Instagram.