Building quality homes

Pinevest Homes has been building high-quality homes in Brant County and Brantford (including Paris, St. George and surrounding areas) for 12 years.

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Our Vision: Excellence in new home construction services.

Our Mission: Through the creative and innovative use of resources and partnerships, we will focus on customer satisfaction with the delivery of efficient, attractive, quality living space in a comfortable environment.

Our Core Values: respect, integrity, service.

Our Leadership Team

Pete Schut

Pete Schut Partner

Born and raised in the Brantford / Brant County area, Pete Schut is the newest member of the Pinevest Homes team, joining as a Partner in 2022.

Prior to joining Pinevest, Pete spent 21 years working with Brookfield Properties and the Brookfield Residential Group in Toronto, helping to lead the Ontario executive team in various roles, most recently as Brookfield’s Senior Vice President of Land Development and Acquisitions. Pete’s experience at Brookfield provided him with great exposure to many of Brookfield’s industry leading, master plan communities and mixed-use developments throughout North America. Throughout this time, Pete and the team at Brookfield acquired land, designed communities and secured approvals sufficient to build several thousands of homes in dozens of communities across the GTA and Greater Golden Horseshoe area. As an added bonus, Pete’s time at Brookfield also gave him the opportunity to work closely with Bob Stewart for 10 years, before Bob left Brookfield to join Pinevest in 2018.

Pete got his start in the industry in 1997 working with Henry Stolp at Castlevale Management in Markham for 5 years, prior to Henry’s return to Brant County and his eventual start-up of Pinevest Homes with founding Partners, Brad Wilson and Gary Norris.

In many ways, Pete’s joining Pinevest is taking his career in land and housing full circle, and back to his roots in Brant County.

Bob Stewart

Bob Stewart Partner & VP of Acquisitions & Development

Bob Stewart joined Pinevest Homes as a Partner and Vice President of Acquisitions and Development in 2018. Bob brought with him over 10 years’ experience in the development industry where he worked with Brookfield Residential as Director of Land Development, managing senior projects from the acquisition stage through to final approvals as well as being Brookfield’s Sustainability Lead for the Ontario Region. Born and raised in St. George, but having spent the majority of his career in the Greater Toronto Area, Bob is pleased to have returned to the County of Brant where he now works, resides and is an active member of a number of local associations, including Board Member of the Brantford Home Builders Association.

Our Founders

Our Founders

From left to right: Henry Stolp, Gary Norris and Brad Wilson